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What is KangaModeling?

KangaModeling allows you to produce UML (like) diagrams very easily.
The main idea is to generate the diagram from a lightweight markup textual diagram description language.

Following code:
title Hello 
participant Alice
Alice->Bob : Hi!
activate Bob
Bob-->Alice : Hey!
deactivate Bob

produces this diagram:

See KangaModeling Documentation for full language tutorial.

Key Features

  • No mouse kicking - KangaModeling is made for those who think that full-fledged modeling tools are overdesigned for visualizing communication and relations between software components.
  • Always up to date - if you use a diagram in wiki or blog it is often additional overhead to open a modeling tool, update the diagram, export to image and upload it back.
  • That's why we provide a web service which will produce digarm image from markup in your blog on the fly. You can use our web service at
  • Alternatively if you are looking for an intranet solution - you are welcome to download our ASP.NET web application and host it yourself (for free).

Additional Features:

  • KangaModeling.Compiler helps you to generate consistent diagram by producing error messages and hints.
  • KangaModeling.GuiRunner is a demo application which can also be used to create diagrams.
  • KangaModeling.WebRunner allows you to generate diagrams from markup direkt into your wiki or blog see also


  • KangaModeling is built upon the .NET platform with a strong focus on testabilty, maintainabilty and developer usabilty.
  • KangaModeling if free to use - take a look at the License for more details.
  • We ask you kindly to include copyright notice and a link to in all copies or substantial portions of the software.

How can I help?

  • Please report us all issues you are experiencing during using KangaModeling using the Issue Tracker.
  • Features you miss or are nice to have can also be reported under Issue Tracker.
  • Please rate (vote) issues you think can help improving KangaModeling.

Future Plans

  • Extending Sequence Diagram Language
  • Supporting Class Diagram
  • Supporting mode designs (currently only Sketchy)
  • Wordpress Plug-In
  • Wiki Template
  • All in one Forms Control
  • All in one WPF Control

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for their engagement.

DiscountASP.NET - for providing us with ASP.NET hosting for our web service
JetBrains ReShaper
JetBrains - for providing us with ReSharper Full Edition license

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