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Drawing Annotation

Model is a data structure which stores diagram elements.
Drawings below visualize how different diagram elements correspond to model classes.
Diagram elements and classes which represent them have same color.
Class diagram also includes inheritance, aggregation and association relations.

Basic Idea

  1. Sequence diagram has life lines called Participants
  2. Sequence diagram consist of DiagramElement-s
  3. One or many DiagramElement-s are place in InteractionOperand which is contained in a CombineFragement
  4. Sequence diagram contains one default fragment RootCombineFragemnt with one InteractionOperand.
  5. SignalElement is a call (an arrow) from one participant. It applies two participants and can be placed inside InteractionOperand
  6. LifelineStatusElement is an activation or deactivation it applies to participant and can be placed inside InteractionOperand

Sample Sequence Diagram


Model Classes of our Sequence Diagram


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